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On Ex-Pace staff back RISC OS Open Ltd:

JWoody: "Trouble is it is not a port. A port implies a recompile with a few changes. Peter Naulls choose to try and develop ChoX11 or what ever it was called."

It most definitely is a port! The whole point of putting all that effort into ChoX11 was so that a port would simply be that, a recompile with a few (possibly none) changes. You have demonstrated that you don't understand the intention of ChoX11 or the porting process itself. ChoX11 can be used with any X11 based application, not just Firefox. The work is fundamentally important.

JWoody: "An ambitious project like ChoX11 converting X11 calls to RISC OS GUI calls is a lot more difficult than developing an application from scratch especially to remove all the bugs."

What information do you have to back that up? It sounds like mis-information to me.

JWoody: "Personally I would not hold my breath for Firefox or indeed any other serious Open Source application under RISC OS"

And yet you can download and use it [Firefox] today. You are being ridiculous. Yes, it's not perfect and it does need some work. I don't see anyone picking up the source and giving it a helping hand - perhaps this is the real problem? There is only so much that one person (who now has full time commitments) can do.

 is a RISC OS Userjonix on 11/7/06 2:14PM
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On Punter bitten by fraudsters after using R-Comp site:

jymbob> that's a bad day you're having, checked the local zoos? :)

On a serious note, irrespective of whether the online ordering system that R-Comp use is secure or not, I simply won't purchase anything from a website not using SSL (there's no guarantee that your data is protected once it is on the third party's system of course but at least it gets there in one transaction). I certainly won't send my credit card number "encrypted" in a DrawFile/Squash combination - that's just ridiculous.

My personal view is that a simple web form collecting a credit card number and other details which are then sent in plain text across the public internet as an email (and therefore potentially being stored on mail hosts as it is relayed to its destination) is unacceptable. That is not to say that R-Comp use exactly this method, but from reading the HTML, this assumption can be made.

The article makes a good point in a bad way. I'd have been more comfortable if it had just pointed out that the R-Comp site uses an insecure method of transmitting CC details without the implication of actual fraud taking place as a result.

I would be happy to see R-Comp either remove the page (and point users at a telephone number/postal address) or use a third party internet payment company such as WorldPay.

 is a RISC OS Userjonix on 20/6/06 3:40PM
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On VirtualRiscPC sneaked onto Mac OS X:

cables> are you suggesting that Windows XP is "unstable, insecure, user-unfriendly"?

Why do people insist on banging this drum? I just don't think it's true any more. Yes, RISC OS is more user-friendly but I doubt it's more stable and more secure (other than via obscurity).

 is a RISC OS Userjonix on 21/4/06 2:39PM
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On RiscPC emulator for Linux lands:

AMS> I really think you have an unreasonable requirement for your OS to run on ARM hardware. Users who are unaware of the internal workings of a computer really aren't bothered by what processor is under the hood. Having a different processor to everyone else is not a marketing point; it's largely irrelevant unless it provides some other inherent benefit (such as low power consumption for example).

I am aware of what a GUI is, and I fail to see the point you are making regarding a consistent programmer's interface. The Win32 API is also consistent.

You seem to be overlooking everyone's point simply because they dare to suggest we shouldn't be using ARM processors. I'm not talking about emulating RISC OS, I'm talking about reimplementing its best bits elsewhere (see stoppers' explanation). I think this is the point you are missing. The whole x86 vs native ARM speculation is irrelevant.

I'm not bearing in mind what's best for Linux/Windows users because they're not part of this debate.

Finally, what are the enherent(sic) problems with the x86 architecture? I'd be interested to hear what they are.

 is a RISC OS Userjonix on 08/04/06 8:01PM
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On RiscPC emulator for Linux lands:

AMS> Ultimately that is a rather short-sighted approach. Who cares if your GUI (the bit you actually interact with) runs on ARM, x86, fork-potato processor II etc?

 is a RISC OS Userjonix on 06/04/06 1:55PM
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